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descriptionStefan Hajnoczi's patches
last changeMon, 25 Jul 2011 17:16:07 +0000 (25 18:16 +0100)
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Fabrice Bellard.
2011-07-25 Stefan Hajnoczicoroutine: add test-coroutine --benchmark-lifecyclecoroutine-core
2011-07-25 Stefan Hajnoczicoroutine: add test-coroutine automated tests
2011-07-25 Aneesh Kumar K.Vcoroutine: implement coroutines using gthread
2011-07-25 Kevin Wolfcoroutine: introduce coroutines
2011-07-23 Anthony Liguoriqemu-ga: remove dependency on gio and gthread
2011-07-23 Anthony Liguoriguest-agent: only enable FSFREEZE when it's supported...
2011-07-23 Anthony LiguoriOpen 1.0 development branch.
2011-07-23 Anthony LiguoriBump version to reflect v0.15.0-rc0
2011-07-23 Matthew FernandezCorrect spelling of licensed
2011-07-23 Jan KiszkaRegister Linux dyntick timer as per-thread signal
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkamc146818rtc: Handle host clock resets
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaqemu-timer: Introduce clock reset notifier
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanotifier: Pass data argument to callback
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrusteride: Turn properties any IDE device must have into...
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrustervirtio-serial: Turn props any virtio-serial-bus device...
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrustervirtio-serial: Clean up virtser_bus_dev_print() output
7 years ago qcow2-coroutines-rfc-v1 This patch series prototypes making...
7 years ago virtio-ioeventfd-v6 v6: * Default to ioeventfd=off...
7 years ago virtio-ioeventfd-v3
6 years ago trivial-patches
6 years ago trivial-patches-next
6 years ago tracing
6 years ago image-streaming-api
6 years ago generic-copy-on-read
7 years ago vlan-hub
7 years ago stream-command
7 years ago directsync
7 years ago coroutine-core
7 years ago virtio-scsi
7 years ago remove-QEMUOptionParameter
7 years ago qcow2-coroutine-core
7 years ago virtfs-coroutine-core-test
7 years ago qed-dev
7 years ago e1000_solaris_debugging
7 years ago new-cache-modes