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descriptionFilip Navara's QEMU tree
last changeTue, 27 Oct 2009 06:54:50 +0000 (27 07:54 +0100)
content tags
AT 91 emulation, TCG experiments
2009-10-27 Filip NavaraFix the size of the property fields.master
2009-10-21 Filip NavaraAdd support for multiple simultaneously used keyboard...
2009-10-02 unknownFix prototype of page_unprotect.
2009-08-21 Filip NavaraFix bugs reported by Juha Riihimäki <juha.riihimaki...
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraMore unsigned long -> uintptr_t fixes.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraRemove definition of O_BINARY, it is already defined...
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraFix non-Windows builds.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraWin32: Fix default prefix
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraWin64 host port
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraShrink tb_jmp_offset to two entries, the other two...
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraGer rid of regs_to_env and env_to_regs, since they...
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraTCG constant propagation.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraConvert CPSR pseudo-registers into TCG registers.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraReplace gen_adc with gen_add_carry.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraReplace tcg_gen_rori_i32 by tcg_gen_rotri_i32.
2009-08-01 Filip NavaraGet rid of AREG1 and AREG2.
9 years ago master