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descriptionRandom branches for QEmu
last changeTue, 28 Aug 2007 22:21:40 +0000 (28 22:21 +0000)
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Here I collect some random topic branches for QEmu. Expect them to be rebased to qemu.git's "master" branch from time to time.
2007-08-28 thsBuild fix for older GCCs.master
2007-08-26 thsLet qemu work with latest bochsbios, by Bernhard Kauer.
2007-08-26 thsarm_gic.c error message fix, by Adam Lackorzynski.
2007-08-26 thsSH4 mov.b fix, by Vince Weaver.
2007-08-26 thsAdd file missed in last commit.
2007-08-26 thsUse the framework for the VMware mouse emulation, by...
2007-08-26 thsAdd a generic framework for VMware communication port...
2007-08-26 thsReplace tabs by 8 spaces. No code change, by Herve...
2007-08-26 thsLast AIO patch, by Vladimir N. Oleynik.
2007-08-26 thsDisable 64-bit instructions on 32-bit CPU, by Aurelien...
2007-08-26 thsReset buffer pointers after CR/LF, by Jim Paris.
2007-08-26 thsSet apic instance number for savevm, by Ari Kivity.
2007-08-26 thsFix typo in comment, by Andreas Faerber.
2007-08-26 thsMake dynticks conditional on __linux__. Spotted by...
2007-08-25 thsActually add d3des implementation files.
2007-08-25 thsDocument all VNC authentication options, by Daniel...
15 years ago slirp-route
15 years ago mob
16 years ago vnc
16 years ago svn/trunk
16 years ago gcc4
16 years ago svn/tags/release_0_9_1
16 years ago scsi
16 years ago diskgeometry
16 years ago ggi
16 years ago gcc4-original
16 years ago master
17 years ago svn/tags/release_0_9_0
17 years ago svn/tags/release_0_8_2
18 years ago svn/tags/release_0_8_1
18 years ago svn/tags/release_0_7_1
19 years ago svn/tags/release_0_7_0