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descriptionQemu with PowerPC KVM improvements
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last changeMon, 6 May 2013 22:13:01 +0000 (7 00:13 +0200)
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This is the staging tree for patches that should go into qemu upstream, but didn't go in yet due to latencies in applying patches.
2013-05-06 Alexander GrafPPC: Fix rldclppc-next
2013-05-06 Alexey Kardashevskiyspapr_llan: fix device reenabling
2013-05-06 Tiejun ChenPPC: e500: correct params->ram_size with ram_size
2013-05-06 Anton Blanchardtarget-ppc: Add read and write of PPR SPR
2013-05-06 Anton Blanchardtarget-ppc: Fix invalid SPR read/write warnings
2013-05-06 Alexander GrafPPC: Add MMU type for 2.06 with AMR but no TB pages
2013-05-06 Alexey Kardashevskiypseries: Update SLOF firmware image
2013-05-06 Bharat BhushanPPC: e500: initialize GPRs as per epapr
2013-05-06 David Gibsonpseries: Fix debug message for out-of-bounds address...
2013-05-06 David Gibsonpseries: Factor out check for out-of-bounds LIOBN
2013-05-06 Peter Maydellconfigure: Check that "libtool" is not the MacOSX one
2013-05-06 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'afaerber-or/prep-up'...
2013-05-06 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'pmaydell/
2013-05-06 Julio Guerraprep: Make System I/O port 0092 read/write
2013-05-05 Andreas Färberprep: Add ELF support for -bios
2013-05-05 Fabien Chouteauprep: Fix NIP reset value
5 years ago ppc-next
5 years ago s390-next
5 years ago s390-ccw-loader
5 years ago s390-for-upstream-1.4
5 years ago s390-for-upstream-for
5 years ago s390-1.4
5 years ago s390-for-upstream
5 years ago ppc-for-upstream
5 years ago suse-1.3
5 years ago ppc-e500-pci
5 years ago ppc-mpic-cleanup
5 years ago ppc-e500-msi
5 years ago s390-for-upstream-1.3
5 years ago s390-1.3
5 years ago ppc-for-upstream-1.3
5 years ago ppc-1.3