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descriptionStefan Hajnoczi's qemu-kvm.git repo
last changeFri, 10 Dec 2010 16:46:18 +0000 (10 16:46 +0000)
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Fabrice Bellard.
2010-12-10 Stefan Hajnocziqed: Consistency check supportqed-v6
2010-12-10 Stefan Hajnocziqed: Read/write support
2010-12-10 Stefan Hajnocziqed: Table, L2 cache, and cluster functions
2010-12-10 Stefan Hajnocziqed: Add QEMU Enhanced Disk image format
2010-12-10 Stefan Hajnoczidocs: Add QED image format specification
2010-12-02 Marcelo TosattiMerge branch 'upstream-merge'
2010-12-02 Marcelo TosattiMerge commit 'f711df67d611e4762966a249742a5f7499e19f99...
2010-12-02 Marcelo TosattiMerge commit '4cff0a5994d0300e6e77e90d3354aa517a120539...
2010-12-02 Marcelo TosattiMerge commit '3b3d448e01ccfc6fdcb6e3d4ebf47418075e3bb4...
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsondevice-assignment: Make use of config_map
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsonpci: Remove capability specific handlers
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsondevice-assignment: Move PCI capabilities to match physi...
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsonpci: Remove cap.length, cap.start, cap.supported
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsonpci: Replace used bitmap with config byte map
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsondevice-assignment: Use PCI capabilities support
2010-11-30 Alex Williamsonpci: Remove pci_enable_capability_support()
6 years ago virtio-blk-data-plane
7 years ago virtio-ioeventfd-2
7 years ago qed-v6
8 years ago virtio-ioeventfd
8 years ago tracing-dev-0.12.4