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descriptionStefan Hajnoczi's patches
last changeFri, 1 Oct 2010 04:02:28 +0000 (1 06:02 +0200)
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=== This is the QEMU I/O test suite ===

* Intro

This package contains a simple test suite for the I/O layer of qemu.
It does not requite a guest, but only the qemu, qemu-img and qemu-io
binaries.  This does limit it to exercise the low-level I/O path only
but no actual block drivers like ide, scsi or virtio.

* Usage

Just run ./check to run all tests for the raw image format, or ./check
-qcow2 to test the qcow2 image format.  The output of ./check -h explains
additional options to test further image formats or I/O methods.

* Feedback and patches

Please send improvements to the test suite, general feedback or just
reports of failing tests cases to
2010-10-01 Kevin Wolfconsider more cases in parsing qemu-io outputmaster
2010-06-14 Kevin Wolfqcow2 error path tests
2010-05-04 Kevin Wolfimprove rebase test
2010-05-04 Stefan Hajnoczitest bdrv_truncate
2010-04-26 Stefan Hajnocziexplicitly use bash interpreter
2010-01-17 Kevin Wolftest qemu-img rebase
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolftest larger clusters sizes on qcow2
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolf019: Make cluster size dynamic
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolfalign test requests according to cluster size
2009-08-13 Stefan Weiladd support for vdi format "static" option
2009-07-27 Kevin Wolffix expected result for 019 after qemu-io change
2009-07-20 Kevin Wolftest bdrv_load/save_vmstate
2009-07-20 Kevin Wolfcommon.pattern: allow spaces in io() operation
2009-07-20 Christoph Hellwigtest invalid pattern argument handling in qemu-io
2009-07-16 Christoph Hellwigreplace FSF postal addresses with links
2009-07-16 Kevin Wolftest commiting changes to backing file
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8 years ago qed
8 years ago master