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Pysize is a graphical and console tool for exploring the size of directories. Three user interfaces are available using the --ui command line option. The best available UI is chosen by default.
2008-03-20 Guillaume ChazarainDetect unsuccessful attempts at running an uninstalled... master
2008-03-15 Guillaume ChazarainMerge git://
2008-03-12 Guillaume ChazarainForgot to return True in case of a regular file
2008-03-10 Guillaume ChazarainUpdated release script
2008-02-24 Guillaume ChazarainFix double spacing
2008-02-24 Guillaume Chazarainpylint fixes
2008-02-24 Guillaume ChazarainRemove unused return value: prefix
2008-02-24 Guillaume ChazarainUpdate e-mail address
2008-02-24 Guillaume ChazarainUpdate copyright years
2008-02-24 Guillaume ChazarainRemove trailing new line
2008-02-23 Guillaume ChazarainThinko: short-circuit the "automount" test when we...
2008-02-23 Guillaume ChazarainStyle consistency
2008-02-23 Guillaume ChazarainSome automount-like directories (~/.snapshot) reveal...
2008-01-14 Guillaume ChazarainMerge ssh://sea/~/pysize
2008-01-14 Guillaume ChazarainShow an animated UI on the first exploration
2008-01-14 Guillaume ChazarainIntroduce pretty_paths()
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