descriptionPython interface for 'Remember The Milk' API
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NOTE: pyrtm is now hosted at bitbucket - - please visit that page instead; this one at will soon be outdated.
2009-08-07 Sridhar RatnakumarREPOSITORY MOVED TO BITBUCKETmaster
2008-08-10 Sridhar Ratnakumarpyrtm is now under the WTFPL license
2008-05-06 Mariano Draghi... Issue a warning if simplejson is not available.
2008-05-06 Mariano Draghi... Fixed a corner case where parsing the response with...
2008-04-26 Mariano Draghi... * Fixed invocation of tasks.notes methods,...
2008-03-24 Mariano Draghi... * Use standard python logging module to handle debuggin...
2008-03-24 Mariano Draghi... * Added README and ChangeLog files.
2008-03-24 Mariano Draghi... * Made simpleson an optional dependency. If we can...
2008-03-24 Mariano Draghi... * Renamed internal auth attribute to authInfo, so it...
2008-03-23 Mariano Draghi... * Completed the RTM API spec.
2008-03-23 Mariano Draghi... Added simplejson as a dependency to correct handling...
2008-01-20 Sridhar Ratnakumarhello-world Tkinter app with always-on-top transparent...
2008-01-20 Sridhar Ratnakumarsimple Tkinter app with always-on-top and transparency
2008-01-10 Sridhar Ratnakumarminor tweaks; no-token-aware test()
2008-01-10 Sridhar Ratnakumardos2unix madness
2008-01-10 Sridhar RatnakumarINIT -- working -- abstract code; care to study?
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