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pspdecompiler: A simple tool to decompile Sony PSP(tm) PRX files.

pspdecompiler is licensed under the AFL v2.0. Please read the LICENSE file for further information.

  - libexpat1-dev


make clean
make all

  pspdecompiler [-g] [-n nidsfile] [-v] prxfile
  -g    output graphviz dot
  -t    print depth first search number
  -r    print the reverse depth first search number
  -d    print the dominator
  -x    print the reverse dominator
  -f    print the frontier
  -z    print the reverse frontier
  -p    print phi functions
  -q    print code into nodes
  -s    print structures
  -e    print edge types
  -c    output code
  -v    increase verbosity
  -n    specify nids xml file
  -i    print prx info

Special thanks for TyRaNiD
2009-05-20 HumbertoBug in var->Defmaster
2009-05-20 HumbertoBug again
2009-05-19 HumbertoWith MULT and DIV operations
2009-05-19 HumbertoHlide problem solved (i believe)
2009-05-17 HumbertoSLLV, SRLV, SRAV and ROTV have reverse order of operands
2009-05-16 HumbertoNow my comments should be in english....
2009-05-14 HumbertoMelhorado o structures
2009-05-14 HumbertoAinda faltam muitas mudancas
2009-05-12 HumbertoCom o autor
2009-05-12 HumbertoVarias mudancas
2009-05-08 HumbertoPasso intermediario, ainda falta um longo caminho
2009-05-07 HumbertoMelhorando estruturas
2009-05-07 HumbertoMais renaming
2009-05-07 HumbertoRenomeando as estruturas
2009-05-07 HumbertoFicando cada vez melhor
2009-05-07 HumbertoLiveness funcionando
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