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Polysh (formerly called Group Shell or gsh) is a remote shell multiplexor. It lets you control many remote shells at once in a single shell. Unlike other commands dispatchers, it is interactive, so shells spawned on the remote hosts are persistent. It requires only a SSH server on the remote hosts, or some other way to open a remote shell.
2012-06-10 Guillaume ChazarainFix python2.5ismmaster
2011-07-11 Guillaume ChazarainThe previous fix has a type (set vs sed) and was wrong... polysh-0.4
2011-07-11 Guillaume ChazarainUbuntu's RPM install does not compress man pages, so...
2011-07-08 Guillaume ChazarainAdded an option to disable colorized hostnames
2011-07-05 Guillaume ChazarainFix RPM building on Fedora 15
2011-07-05 Guillaume ChazarainForgot as part of the version bump
2011-07-05 Guillaume ChazarainMore or less done (tree instead of p2p)
2011-07-05 Guillaume ChazarainRename gsh to polysh.
2011-06-19 Guillaume ChazarainNo need to specify all copyright years, they are implie...
2011-06-18 Guillaume Chazarain- Fix path parsing
2011-06-17 Guillaume ChazarainOnly keep the basename in the transferred paths
2011-06-17 Guillaume ChazarainDon't replicate to oneself
2011-06-17 Guillaume ChazarainNew filetransfer code that is firewall compliant
2011-04-11 Guillaume ChazarainPre-populate the history completion with gsh's own...
2011-04-10 Guillaume ChazarainFix English
2011-04-05 Guillaume ChazarainNo need for to be compatible with python-1...
7 years ago polysh-0.4
7 years ago gsh-0.3.1
10 years ago gsh-0.3
11 years ago gsh-0.2
11 years ago gsh-0.1
6 years ago master