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2016-06-15 Vincent Loechnerclarified some error messages when including polylib.hmaster
2016-06-15 Vincent Loechnerbuild all (32 64 GMP) lib versions by default if none...
2016-06-12 Vincent Loechnerupdate cln/
2016-02-04 Vincent Loechnerfixed memory leak
2016-02-04 Vincent Loechnerfinished fixing the memory leak
2016-02-04 Vincent Loechnerfixed a memory leek in polyhedron.c
2016-02-04 Vincent Loechnerfunction pre-declaration to remove warnings
2014-05-11 Vincent LoechnerMerge ssh://
2014-05-11 Vincent Loechnercorrected a bug in reading matrices on MacOS (fgets...
2014-05-11 Vincent Loechnerrenamed
2012-11-21 Vincent Loechnerrenamed "value_compare" to "value_cmp" to remove a...
2012-07-04 Vincent Loechnerthread safe polylib configuration
2012-02-26 Vincent Loechnermultithreaded caches in vector.c (same scheme as in...
2012-02-26 Vincent Loechnerstatic decl, and correction of buffer size
2012-02-26 Vincent LoechnerFirst step toward a thread safe polylib:
2012-02-26 Vincent Loechnera may bug, unlikely to happen but still: a memory read...
8 years ago polylib-5.22.5
11 years ago polylib-5.22.3
11 years ago polylib-5.22.2
13 years ago polylib-5.22.1
13 years ago polylib-5.22.0
13 years ago polylib-5.21.0
14 years ago polylib-5.20.0
16 years ago polylib5.11.1
16 years ago polylib5.11
16 years ago polylib5.10
8 months ago ter-dev
2 years ago master