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descriptionDrizzle / GSOC 2011
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last changeWed, 24 Aug 2011 19:40:52 +0000 (24 21:40 +0200)
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A fork of phpMyAdmin for the development of Drizzle support.

Progress reports are on
Demo is at (updated hourly).
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into drizzledrizzle
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiCondition excluding XML output from server export was... master
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiRemove unused variable
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiUse PMA_Table::isView() instead of PMA_isView()
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiRemove deprecated method PMA_Table::_isView()
2011-08-24 Madhura JayaratneSanitize filenames in a unified manner - more instances
2011-08-24 Madhura JayaratneMerge branch 'QA_3_4'
2011-08-24 Madhura JayaratneSanitize filenames (in a unified manner) before using...
2011-08-24 Marc DelisleChangeLog and 3.4.4 XSS fix
2011-08-24 Marc DelisleChangeLog and 3.4.4 XSS fix
2011-08-24 Marc DelisleMerge branch 'QA_3_4'
2011-08-24 Marc DelisleMerge branch 'MAINT_3_4_4' into QA_3_4
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiFix indentation broken by past merges
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiWhitespace
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiPMA_getServerType() - recognize Percona Server
2011-08-24 Piotr PrzybylskiPrint server_comment after server software version
8 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0RC2 Released 3.4.0-rc2
8 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0RC1 Released 3.4.0-rc1
8 years ago RELEASE_3_3_10 Released 3.3.10
8 years ago RELEASE_3_3_10RC1 Released 3.3.10-rc1
8 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0BETA4 Released 3.4.0-beta4
9 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0BETA3 Released 3.4.0-beta3
9 years ago RELEASE_3_3_9_2 Released
9 years ago RELEASE_2_11_11_3 Released
9 years ago RELEASE_3_3_9_1 Released
9 years ago RELEASE_2_11_11_2 Released
9 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0BETA2 Released 3.4.0-beta2
9 years ago RELEASE_3_3_9 Released 3.3.9
9 years ago RELEASE_3_3_9RC1 Released 3.3.9-rc1
9 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0BETA1 Released 3.4.0-beta1
9 years ago RELEASE_3_4_0ALPHA2 Released 3.4.0-alpha2
9 years ago RELEASE_3_3_8_1 Released
8 years ago drizzle
8 years ago master