descriptionPHP Git interface, a loose port of GitPython
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phpgit bindings
    (Not to be confused with git-php!)

phpgit is a PHP library for manipulating and retrieving information from
Git repositories.  It wraps the Git executable in a nice manner, and also
has various amounts of syntactical sugar in the form of quick and easy methods
for common operations as well as a full-fledged Tree and Blob representation

Well, at least, in theory. This is a port of GitPython (which itself is a port
of grit), and it is incomplete. Please consult the source code to see which
functions are implemented and which are not.

Also, appropriate credits will be listed eventually here.


P.S. When talking about this project, please refer to it as "phpgit bindings"
to help disambiguate it against the web-interface, "git-php".
2008-07-28 Edward Z. YangAdd argument escaping.master
2008-07-27 Edward Z. YangImprove command line code to pull everything at once.
2008-07-27 Edward Z. YangMake command invoker use the Git::$git variable for...
2008-07-23 Edward Z. YangFix infinite loop in recursive Git_Repo construction.
2008-07-21 Edward Z. YangFix bugs involving command line invocation, DateTime...
2008-07-20 Edward Z. YangModify __call() to pass array to execute().
2008-07-20 Edward Z. YangAdd rudimentary README file. It still needs to be augme...
2008-07-20 Edward Z. YangFix bug in Git_Tree::construct() involving array paths.
2008-07-20 Edward Z. YangModernize Git to upstream GitRepos, mainly command...
2008-07-20 Edward Z. YangImplement Blob, Tree and Lazy, add tests for Tree.
2008-07-19 Edward Z. YangFix up Git_Repo->log() to actually work.
2008-07-19 Edward Z. YangInitial commit; implement enough code to get Git_Repo...
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