descriptiona parsing engine
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2007-12-16 Joshua HabermanTweak the header slightlymaster
2007-12-16 Joshua Habermanadd BSD license
2007-12-16 Joshua HabermanAdd file headers and footers (modelines) to all files
2007-12-14 Joshua Habermanadd a few quick hacks: let client get EOF info, and...
2007-12-12 Joshua Habermanadd completion callback facility to the interpreter
2007-12-12 Joshua Habermanmore progress on interpreter
2007-12-12 Joshua Habermanmake compiler emit intfa states in order.
2007-12-12 Joshua Habermanbugfixes to interpreter -- we're successfully parsing...
2007-12-12 Joshua Habermanlet json parser accept lower-case hex digits
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermanfix memory errors -- gzlparse now runs 100% valgrind...
2007-12-11 Joshua HabermanSome work on buffering, and a gzlparse command-line...
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermana bit more progress on lua bindings
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermanbugfixes to interpreter
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermanmodelines for vim and emacs
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermansmall change to make valgrind happy
2007-12-11 Joshua Habermansmall tweaks to compiler and utilities
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