descriptionUse Ottawa's transit route planner from Python and e-mail
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2007-12-02 Michael SmithScript to grab stop codes from allstops.xml and sortmaster
2007-12-02 Michael SmithFix path in stopMashupCoverage.html
2007-12-02 Michael SmithNew data files from the stop mashup leech.
2007-12-02 Michael SmithOne of the seed addresses stopped working; here's an...
2007-12-02 Michael SmithAdd some unrecorded seeds from August
2007-12-02 Michael SmithMake sure "3 BOOTH" is searched, it's the only way...
2007-12-02 Michael SmithScript to run with args from .....
2007-10-20 Michael Smithavoid postmaster loops
2007-09-03 Michael SmithModified OC Data scripts and tests to handle the ocdata... mob
2007-09-03 Michael SmithMove OC Data scripts to ocdata/
2007-09-03 Michael Smithignore .pyc
2007-08-27 Michael SmithMore seeds, but no stops
2007-08-27 Michael SmithMore seeds.
2007-08-26 Michael SmithMore seeds:
2007-08-26 Michael SmithPrevious seeds:
2007-08-26 Michael SmithResume from previous state
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