descriptionEmacs orgmode extension for generating filesystem tree representations with annotations.
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* Installation
  - put this path into your load-path 
  - insert "(require 'org-fstree)" into ~/.emacs

* Establishing links
A link between a file and a headline is established 
by simply adding a link to the file to the headline


** Put your note here [[file:yourfile][And a link to one of your files here]]	    :SOMETAG:
** A file you probably have [[file:~/.emacs]]				:GNU:

* Generating a static tree

** Render as plain text
Somewhere in your org file add the following line and press C-c C-c
while on it:
#+BEGIN_FSTREE: ~/ :non-recursive t

Removing the ':non-recursive' option will show a complete static
representation of your home directory, which can take some time
(abort with C-g).

** Using column view
  :COLUMNS:  %40ITEM %Link1 %Link2

Somewhere in your org file set the properties of some headline as done
above, add the following line, press C-c C-c while on it and switch to
column-view (C-c C-x C-c).
#+BEGIN_FSTREE: ~/ :non-recursive t :links-as-properties t

To add the complete subtree recursively remove the :non-recursive option. 
This will quickly become slow; you can stop generation with C-g.

** Options
   - :non-recursive t , to suppress recursion into directories
   - :exclude-regexp-name <list of regexp strings> , exclude file/directory names matching either 
     of the given regexp expressions
         :exclude-regexp-name (".*\\.pdf$" ".*\\.zip$"), excludes files/directories ending with either ".pdf" or ".zip"
         :exclude-regexp-name ("^\\.git$") , excludes files/directories named ".git"
   - :exclude-regexp-fullpath <list of regexp strings>, same as :exclude-regexp-name but matches absolute path to file/directory
   - :relative-links t , generates relative instead of absolute links
   - :show-only-matches t , only files that are being linked to show up
   - :links-as-properties t, sets the links as properties Link1, Link2,... for use in column view [Does not work with dynamic-update!]

* Generating a dynamic tree
  :COLUMNS:  %40ITEM %Link1 %Link2

In a dynamic tree initially only the representation of the given
directory's content is generated and the content of a subdirectory is
dynamically generated or deleted on visibility change.
This makes the complete filesystem browsable inside the org file.

Press C-c C-c on the following line. (BUG: Switching to column-view breaks dynamic update, but shows the links )
#+BEGIN_FSTREE: ~/ :dynamic-update t
2009-09-04 Andreas BurtzlaffFixed missing t in README.orgmaster
2009-07-23 Andreas BurtzlaffAdded options only-directories and only-regular-files
2009-06-23 Andreas BurtzlaffAdded symlink display
2009-06-20 Andreas BurtzlaffFixed bug and added option no-annotations
2009-06-19 Andreas BurtzlaffAdded org-link-expand-abbrev and optimized for speed
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