descriptionA package for lilypond to help writing large orchestral scores
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2013-03-09 Reinhold KainhoferUpdate to lily 2.17, layout fix for backpagemaster
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferFix solo names messup
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferAlso handle instrument names like 1a (and sort them...
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferFix crash
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferLess verbose make output
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferTemplates: Add more possibly fields (commented out)
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferAdd pad-y markup command
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferTemplates: Cleanup the fields
2012-11-20 Reinhold KainhoferAdd lilyglyphs package for critical report
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferTemplates/Webshop: Also add English Translation of...
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferTemplates: Sort scores by score edition number (need...
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferTemplate: Fix noscore_instrument setting
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferLaTeX: Update style to use xelatex instead of pdflatex
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferTemplate: Create instruments tex file only if we have...
2012-11-03 Reinhold KainhoferTemplates: Create default dir (to be used by all templa...
2012-11-02 Reinhold KainhoferCreate definitions file for my webshop script
10 years ago release/0.02 Add basic midi support
10 years ago release/0.01 Initial Release
5 years ago master