descriptionOpera Libre is a free-licensed contemporary music score, created using the GNU LilyPond music software.
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... is not a program, although it is developed and licensed like one. Opera libre is just... an opera; a music score that is meant to be printed, read, played and sung.

To compile the source code and obtain the score as a printable, readable and (hopefully) playable file, you will have to use the GNU LilyPond music notation software.

It is a Free typesetting engine that is both powerful and simple to learn. Just compile the main source file, either for the Vocal Score, for the Full score or for the libretto (these options are not fully implemented yet).

More information may be found (mostly in French for now) on my personal website. Thanks for stopping by!

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2009-01-09 Valentin VillenaveSlight modification, upon request from V. Cortez
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