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OpenAL Soft is a software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API. It provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3d environment. Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional sound emitters are among the features handled by the API. It also handles streaming audio and multi-channel buffers.
28 hours ago Chris RobinsonReplace a couple more C math callsmaster
3 days ago Chris RobinsonConstify some parameters
3 days ago Chris RobinsonAvoid implicit conversions from signed to unsigned
4 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a flexible array for DirectHrtfState and ALvoice
4 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a flexible array for HrtfHandle and SampleConverter
4 days ago Chris RobinsonMake the min/max/clamp functions constexpr
4 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd placement operator delete
4 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd a missing include
4 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a flexible array for the active effect slots
4 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd a flexible array template container
6 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a vector for ALeffectslotArray
6 days ago kcatMerge pull request #264 from ShFil119/impr/cleanup
6 days ago Filip GawinUse `= default` to define trivial dtor/ctor
6 days ago Filip GawinRemove redundant void argument list in function def
6 days ago Filip GawinUse c++ headers
7 days ago Chris RobinsonChange a true/false ALenum atomic into a bool
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