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neatroff is a troff implementation.
2018-11-01 Ali Gholami... fmt: ignore hyphenation marks at the end of the wordsmaster
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... font: glyph indices should be large enough for more...
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... wb: glyphs with no bounding box information
2018-05-09 Ali Gholami... tr: ".if ! " should succeed
2018-05-02 Ali Gholami... tr: .dv request
2018-04-27 Ali Gholami... tr: allow parsing macro arguments as a request
2018-04-27 Ali Gholami... tr: unify the signature of functions for parsing reques...
2018-04-26 Ali Gholami... tr: change the behaviour of of .co request
2018-04-26 Ali Gholami... dict: update dict_prefix()'s comment
2018-04-25 Ali Gholami... reg: \n[.yr] holds current year
2018-04-04 Ali Gholami... font: store every glyph described in the font descriptor
2018-03-23 Ali Gholami... tr: resetting font script and language
2018-03-23 Ali Gholami... font: specifying OpenType font language with .ffsc
2018-03-15 Ali Gholami... wb: insert keshideh after the last possible character
2018-03-08 Ali Gholami... tr: leading space macro (.lsm request)
2018-03-02 Ali Gholami... tr: .shift request
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