descriptiongit repository of the movitz source code
last changeThu, 13 Mar 2008 21:27:18 +0000 (13 21:27 +0000)
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This is a git repository for movitz to help hackers make and exchange changes without requiring access to the CVS repository. There are 2 other git repositories required to build movitz: movitz-binary-types and movitz-ia-x86
2008-03-13 Martin BealbyMoved ATA driver into its own packagemaster
2008-03-11 Martin BealbyFrodes' assembler rollup from CVS tree.
2008-02-26 Martin BealbyMerge in final CVS modifications
2008-02-25 Shawn BettsMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-02-25 Shawn BettsMerge /Users/sabetts/src/movitzcvs/movitz
2008-02-25 ffjeldInitial attempt.
2008-02-24 ffjeldAdd disassembly comments.
2008-02-24 ffjeldDon't load ia-x86 by default.
2008-02-23 ffjeldRemove remnants of ia-x86.
2008-02-23 ffjeldFinishing touches on the disassembler.
2008-02-23 ffjeldUse the new disassembler.
2008-02-23 ffjeldRemove DOS EOL.
2008-02-23 Martin BealbyAdded / Corrected partition type id values.
2008-02-23 Martin BealbyPartition reading and parsing support.
2008-02-23 Martin BealbyConverted ata read/write functions to work with bytes...
2008-02-18 ffjeldPrefer the new assembler.
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