descriptionA Minetest mod which helps modders in creating and experimenting around with L-system trees.
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This mod provides a form to easily spawn L-system trees, aimed at mod developers and power users.

Current version: 1.5.0

You can open the menu with an item “L-System Tree Utility” (ltool:tool) or the server command /treeform.

If you use the following mod, there will be buttons to ease node selection:

If you use one of the following mods, there's a new button in your inventory menu for opening the form:

This mod also adds the command /lplant to plant trees.

Usage help for this form is provided in the form itself.

This mod also has an API for managing the tree database. See for more information.

License of this mod: MIT License.

2018-05-29 WuzzyVersion 1.5.0master
2018-05-28 WuzzyAdd label to trunk type drop-down list
2018-05-28 WuzzyMake thin branches setting to checkbox
2018-05-25 WuzzyUse drop-down list for trunk type
2018-05-25 WuzzyAdd sapling generation button in db tab
2018-05-18 WuzzyRewrite README
2018-05-18 WuzzyMore text rewrite
2018-05-18 WuzzyAdd tool to conveniently access the treeform
2018-05-17 WuzzyStupid workaround for Minetest failing to re-send forms...
2018-05-17 WuzzyChange default values for edit fields
2018-05-17 WuzzyImplement new node sorting
2018-05-17 WuzzyVersion 1.4.2
2018-05-17 WuzzyFix incorrect initialization of database.textlist
2018-05-17 WuzzyForbid axium and rulesets with unbalanced brackets
2018-05-17 WuzzyVersion 1.4.1
2018-05-17 WuzzyRemove buttons when select_items mod is missing
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