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Memo is a small utility which you can use to store appointments and 'TODO' items. It displays the next few entries in a small window, and can also be instructed to bring up alert windows at set times.
2009-03-15 Lucas HazelAdded missing importmaster
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.1-post
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.1v2.1
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardUpdated Changes file for new release.
2008-08-17 Thomas LeonardAdded support for 0release.
2007-02-26 Jim RamsayAdded a system tray icon in 'standalone' (ie, non-apple...
2007-01-25 Jim RamsayAdded stock icons to main window menu
2007-01-25 Jim RamsayAdded 'early alert' and sound capabilities. See Help...
2007-01-02 Thomas LeonardNew release.
2006-12-21 Thomas LeonardReposition the memo list next to the applet when the...
2006-12-08 Thomas LeonardThis patch adds the Memo's .DirIcon to the popup for...
2006-11-18 Thomas LeonardImprovements to options (Lucas Hazel):
2006-10-28 Thomas LeonardNew release.
2006-10-28 Thomas LeonardAdded 'Help' item to applet's menu.
2006-09-30 Stephen WatsonWork around change in Python 2.5
2006-09-17 Ken HayberAdded code to position the popup window correctly for...
12 years ago v2.1 Release 2.1
11 years ago master