descriptionTree-based notes, sketches and checklists for Maemo
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Maemopad+ is a personal, tree-based notes application in the spirit of Treepad. This is not a port, but an application specifically designed and optimized for the Maemo platform and the Nokia Internet Tablets.

Advanced features include a fast SQLite3-based database for data storage, a pressure-sensitive sketch widget and a GUI specifically designed for the small screen of the Internet Tablets. Packages are available for Maemo 4.1 (Diablo).

A port of Maemopad+ for Maemo 5 exists: MaePad

2010-09-19 Thomas PerlMaemopad+ 0.37 releasedmaster0.37
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlFix dependencies for binary package (auto-generate)
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlMaemopad+ 0.36 released0.36
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlMaemopad+ 0.35 "Long Time No See" released0.35
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlUpdated German translation
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlUpdated .po files from source
2010-02-20 Thomas PerlAdd auto-generated build files
2010-02-11 Kemal Hadimliadded Russian translation file from Sergei Ivanov
2008-12-08 Thomas PerlEnable display of tree view lines
2008-10-14 Thomas PerlBetter vertical scrollbar handling; unfocus entry on...
2008-10-13 Thomas PerlInitial support for full-text searching
2008-10-09 Thomas Perlinformative file for searching and how we can implement...
2008-10-09 Thomas PerlSwitch to first memo after a memo has been deleted...
2008-10-09 Thomas Perlmaintainer info updated
2008-10-09 Thomas PerlMaemopad+ 0.34 released (+ debian package 0.34-1)0.34
2008-10-07 Thomas PerlFresh Maemopad+ icons, designed by Thomas Perl
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