descriptionthomasjfox's rockbox modifications (mameo port)
last changeSun, 10 Mar 2013 10:22:32 +0000 (10 11:22 +0100)
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2013-03-10 Thomas JaroschPrepare new maemo releasemaemo-port
2013-03-10 Thomas JaroschMerge tag 'v3.13-final' into maemo-port
2013-03-05 Frank GevaertsDisable LCD_FLIP and MORSE_INPUT on recorder to make...
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerUpdate bulgarian.lang by Zahari Yurukov
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerSort bulgarian.lang into english.lang order
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerBackport d8a3871 - Update French by Amaury Pouly
2013-03-05 PurlingNayukiupdate Chinese(Simplified) translation
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerBump version numbers for 3.13
2013-02-28 Jonathan GordonRevert "skin tags: fix the id3 track/disc numbers in...
2013-02-26 Jonathan Gordonskin engine: Relax the AA load width/height checks
2013-02-24 Stephane Moutard... FS#12828 : french update
2013-02-23 Frank GevaertsBuild libtlsf for all systems
2013-02-23 Frank GevaertsMake the git viewer use the global libtlsf.a
2013-02-22 Alex ParkerManual: The c200v2 also needs to be set to MSC mode...
2013-02-22 Michael SevakisFix FS#12824 : Malfunctioning FFT plugin in Sansa Clip Zip
2013-02-21 Jonathan Gordonskin tags: fix the id3 track/disc numbers in conditionals
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