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descriptionSupport for the Chinese Samsung S3C2440 based development boards
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MINI2440 u-boot, kernel & distro project

This tree is part of a project to get up-to-date u-boot/kernel for the Samsung S3C2440 based board known as "MINI2440".

You can find this great board for really cheap, with:

+ 400Mhz ARM9 (arm920t)



+ SD, USB host/device, 3 uarts, 100BaseT etc etc

+ 3.5 or 7" TFT touch screen

Available git trees:

More modern u-boot, based on openmoko's fork, with mcc support, usb etc

Bleeding edge Modern Kernel board support (based on Linus's)

Kernel is now stable, and supports pretty much all the peripherals

Openembedded fork with support for mini2440

Contains enough to build a toolchain and a flash image.

A QEMU fork that emulates most of a mini2440 !

Supports booting NAND, SD, NFS etc. LCD is recognized etc..

You need a valid u-boot.bin to start, and a kernel uImage as parameter

Various tools & Scripts for the mini.

Feel free to email me to get push access to these trees.

2009-11-24 Michel PolletMerge branch 'mini2440-dev-unlikely' into mini2440-devmastermini2440-dev
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMerge branch 'mini2440-dev-likely' into mini2440-dev
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMerge branch 'mini2440-dev-extras' into mini2440-dev
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMINI2440: remove __initdata from some structsmini2440-dev-unlikely
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMINI2440: Add touchscreen support
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMINI2440: Rename the SoC tty names.
2009-11-24 Michel PolletMINI2440: Added new T35 (QVGA) and Innolux 5.6" (VGA... mini2440-dev-likely
2009-11-22 Michel PolletMINI2440: Added missing config flag
2009-11-22 Michel PolletMINI2440: Updated machine defconfig for 2.6.32
2009-11-22 Michel PolletS3C: Backported openmoko's touchscreen filtersmini2440-dev-extras
2009-11-22 Michel PolletS3C: Backported the s3c2410 touchscreen from openmoko
2009-11-22 Michel Pollet920T: Use specific 920t mtune=
2009-11-22 Michel PolletMINI2440: Enable the backlight LED earlier at boot...
2009-11-22 Michel PolletS3C: Add a flag to allow leds to start "on"
2009-11-19 Linus TorvaldsLinux 2.6.32-rc8
2009-11-19 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'bugfixes' of git://
9 years ago mini2440-2.6.31-rc7
8 years ago mini2440-stable-v2.6.32
8 years ago mini2440-stable
8 years ago mini2440-stable-v2.6.30
8 years ago mini2440-stable-v2.6.31
8 years ago mini2440-dev
8 years ago master
8 years ago mini2440-dev-unlikely
8 years ago mini2440-dev-likely
8 years ago mini2440-dev-extras
9 years ago repo/mini2440-stable
9 years ago mini2440-stable-v2.6.29
9 years ago mini2440-extras
9 years ago origin/HEAD