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2009-07-12 Jörg Pfähler* libcurses++, libc++ and liblightOS++ are installed... master
2009-07-12 Jörg Pfähler* lightos toolchain works
2009-07-11 Jörg Pfähler* Makefiles: use gcc to generate the dependency files...
2009-07-07 bluecode- apps/bzip2
2009-07-07 bluecode+ libc: Added the expression as a string literal to...
2009-07-06 bluecode* Moved the scripts into a separat subdirectory
2009-07-06 bluecode! Fixed the root Makefile
2009-07-01 bluecode! Fixed a bug in less that caused a page-fault on empty...
2009-07-01 bluecode+ libarch, libkernel, libserver, libc, libc++, liblight...
2009-06-30 bluecode- lib/cdi
2009-06-30 bluecode- gui config files
2009-06-30 bluecode- kdevelop3 project files
2009-06-30 bluecode* moved libunix to lib/libc or lib/curses
2009-06-28 Jörg Pfähler+ libc: file with doxygen groups
2009-06-28 Jörg PfählerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-06-28 Jörg Pfähler* libc documentation
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