descriptionMaintenance repo for libtar
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This is a maintenance repo for the libtar project, temporarily run by Chris Frey until Mark Roth decides to pick up development again. No tarball releases will be done, but just grab the tagged sources from this repo. If you wish to contribute a patch, feel free to post to the libtar mailing list, where Chris Frey and Mark Roth hang out.
2013-12-08 Tim BandAdded autoconf instructions to READMEmaster
2013-11-18 Ron YorstonOpen files in binary mode on systems that have O_BINARY
2013-11-18 Chris FreyChange th_get_size() macro to return unsigned int
2013-10-25 Kamil Dudka.gitignore: ignore binaries and generated files
2013-10-24 Chris FreyAdded stdlib.h for malloc() in lib/decode.c
2013-10-24 Chris FreyCheck for NULL before freeing th_pathname
2013-10-24 Kamil Dudkadecode: avoid using a static buffer in th_get_pathname()
2013-10-16 Huzaifa Sidhpurwalafix memleaks in libtar sample program
2013-10-16 Huzaifa Sidhpurwalafix memleak on tar_open() failure
2013-10-15 Kamil Dudkafix file descriptor leaks reported by cppcheck
2013-10-15 Huzaifa SidhpurwalaFix invalid memory de-reference issue
2013-10-15 Hans de GoedeFix missing prototype compiler warnings
2013-10-10 Chris FreyAdded commentary on T_BLOCKSIZE, ssize_t, and int size...
2013-10-09 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.20v1.2.20
2013-10-01 Chris FreyFixed size_t overflow bug, as reported by Timo Warns
2013-03-29 Chris FreyAdded autoconf checks for __thread compiler support
10 years ago v1.2.20 libtar version 1.2.20
11 years ago v1.2.19 libtar version 1.2.19
11 years ago v1.2.18 libtar version 1.2.18
11 years ago v1.2.17 libtar version 1.2.17
12 years ago v1.2.16 libtar version 1.2.16
12 years ago v1.2.15 libtar version 1.2.15
12 years ago v1.2.14
13 years ago v1.2.13
15 years ago v1.2.11
10 years ago master