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ROTE is a simple C library for VT102 terminal emulation. It allows the programmer to set up virtual 'screens' and send them data. The virtual screens will emulate the behavior of a VT102 terminal, interpreting escape sequences, control characters and such. The library supports ncurses as well so that you may render the virtual screen to the real screen when you need to.

This is a temporary development tree, i hope i can merge the changes back into the sourceforge CVS.
2007-12-21 Marc Andre... Hopefully fix compilation on *BSD.master
2007-12-21 Marc Andre... Let the configure script generate rote{,w}.h
2007-12-17 Marc Andre... Add translation from code page 437 to ncurses ACS_...
2007-12-17 Marc Andre... Add utf8 support (enable by passing --enable-widec...
2007-12-16 Marc Andre... Implement rote_vt_resize
2007-12-16 Marc Andre... Unify clearing of RoteCells.
2006-09-24 btakahashia
2006-09-08 btakahashiAdded patch by Johan Bevemyr (
2005-07-08 btakahashiAdded rote_vt_get_pty_fd function
2005-05-10 btakahashiApplied Phil Endecott's patch to improve reverse-video...
2005-05-10 btakahashiLimited number of iterations in rote_vt_update to avoid...
2005-05-09 btakahashiApplied Phil Endecott's patch, which adds support for...
2004-10-25 now honours DESTDIR
2004-10-06 btakahashiAdded package-making script
2004-10-06 btakahashiAdded copyright notices to files
2004-10-06 btakahashiInitial revision
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