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sterm - simple terminal
sterm is a simple virtual terminal emulator for X which sucks less.

In order to build sterm you need the Xlib header files.

Download, build and install latest K8Jam from

* On Mac OS X, install pkg-config by executing
* sudo port install pkg-config
* set environment variable
* PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/X11/lib/pkgconfig



to configure and


again to build.

Copy .sterm.rc to ~/.sterm.rc
Copy ./sterm to /usr/local/bin
Type "sterm" to run sterm in rxvt mode.
Type "sterm -T xterm" to run sterm in xterm mode.

sterm searches config files in this order:


Features that will not be added
  * transparency
  * ttf font support
  * scripting
  * japanese and other strange languages
  * unnecessary (for me) bloating

Based on Aurélien APTEL <aurelien dot aptel at gmail dot com> bt source code.
Heavily modified by Ketmar // Invisible Vector (xmpp/email:
Mac OS X support: vb <>
2017-04-28 Ketmar Darknew kind of blinking cursormaster
2017-04-27 Ketmar Darkcosmetix
2017-04-27 Ketmar Darkfixed date in license, lol
2016-09-13 Ketmar Darkreactivated "mouse motion reports" (they were disabled...
2016-08-21 Ketmar Dark'W' and 'H' args: width and height
2016-08-20 Ketmar Darkmore key escapes
2016-08-20 Ketmar Darkmore fixes
2016-08-20 Ketmar Darknew keymap
2015-08-25 Ketmar Darkbetter alt+letter
2015-08-25 Ketmar Darkalt+key now ignores input language
2015-05-25 ketmarJamrules.configure fix
2015-03-30 ketmarfixed tab switching bug on tab closing
2014-07-03 ketmar'_' and '$' are letters too %-)
2014-07-03 ketmarctrl+shift+lmb does 'simple' selection
2014-07-03 ketmarcosmetix
2014-07-03 ketmarnew selection code; it still sucks, though
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