descriptionMac OS X pasteboard watcher and copy/paste manager
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Because everybody likes "paste & jello" sandwiches, right? I know I did when I was a kid. Jello is a simple library to watch the OS X pasteboard and do something on every paste.
2008-12-25 elliottcableReversed the order of the moulds in the launchd task... master
2008-12-25 elliottcableEchoe pulled in my changes as of 3.0.2
2008-12-25 elliottcableMerge branch 'master' of
2008-12-24 elliottcableAdded a launchd plist creator, courtesy of LaunchDoctor
2008-12-24 elliottcableTypo
2008-12-20 elliottcableBit of a paste-o in the README
2008-11-02 elliottcableRubyforge naming fix. Appearantly we can't take a capit... 5
2008-11-02 elliottcable* Daemonization of the binary
2008-10-22 elliottcableThe shortener Mould now does nothing if the shortened...
2008-10-14 elliottcableAdded install task shortcut, fixed package task shortcut
2008-10-14 elliottcableUpdated to use echoe 3.0.2
2008-10-14 elliottcable* Added error toleration for moulds, now a broken mould...
2008-10-14 elliottcableFixed a bug - shortener would crash on domain names...
2008-10-11 elliottcableMade the shortener slightly less suceptible to 500...
2008-10-11 elliottcableUpdated mould names in the binary help
2008-10-11 elliottcableAdded some tail flags to the binary
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