descriptionJava Extension Module for JamVM on AVR32
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2009-06-24 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix Java long (64 bit) operations, add missing ones... master
2009-06-19 NevoImplement LDC2_W bytecode
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix compiler warnings
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix unpredictable C
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix JEM calling assembly: add "sp" and "cc" to the...
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiImplement TABLESWITCH opcode
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix LDC, LDC_W, and INSTANCEOF opcodes, more debugging
2009-06-12 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFlush instruction caches only after inserting code.
2009-05-04 NevoFix data type for pushing on stack.jem-0.2
2009-05-04 Guennadi LiakhovetskiFix more object / instance reference conversions
2009-05-04 Guennadi LiakhovetskiAlways initialise lvars_jem, even with no local variables.
2009-04-29 NevoFix one more forgotten object-to-instance conversion.
2009-04-29 Guennadi LiakhovetskiSome formatting unifications.
2009-04-29 NevoAdd bytecode rewriting. This saves a lot of time.
2009-04-29 Nevopthread_getspecific() is expensive, call only once
2009-04-29 NevoOptimise performance by doing only one mmap() instead...
9 years ago jem-0.2
9 years ago jem-0.1
9 years ago master