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isl is a library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints. Supported operations on sets include intersection, union, set difference, emptiness check, convex hull, (integer) affine hull, integer projection, and computing the lexicographic minimum using parametric integer programming. It also includes an ILP solver based on generalized basis reduction. isl is released under the MIT license.
6 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_ast_codegen.c: fix typos in commentsmaster
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_coalesce.c: fix typo in comment
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_basic_{map,set}_free_inequality: return modified...
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_basic_map_free_inequality: avoid accessing ctx...
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_basic_{map,set}_free_equality: return modified...
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_basic_map_free_equality: avoid accessing ctx field...
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_output.c: can_print_div_expr: use isl_local_div_is_...
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeclean up isl_basic_set_variable_compression_with_id
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_morph.h: add missing include
8 days ago Sven VerdoolaegeMerge branch 'maint'
8 days ago Tobias Grosserisl_tab_add_eq: return isl_stat
8 days ago Tobias Grosserisl_tab_rollback: return isl_stat
8 days ago Tobias Grosserisl_tab_need_undo: use isl_bool_ok
8 days ago Tobias Grosserisl_range.c: has_sign: use isl_bool_ok
8 days ago Tobias Grosserok_to_merge_coincident: use isl_bool_ok
8 days ago Tobias Grosserisl_*_pw_plain_is_equal: use isl_bool_ok
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