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Linux has always been able to show how much I/O was going on (the bi and bo columns of the vmstat 1 command). iotop is a Python program with a top like UI used to show of behalf of which process is the I/O going on. It requires Python >= 2.7 and a Linux kernel >= 2.6.20.
2018-05-25 Paul WiseActually skip invalid lines in /proc/*/statusmaster
2018-05-25 Paul WiseIgnore invalid lines in /proc/*/status files
2018-05-24 Paul JarosFix crash due to syntax error
2018-05-03 Paul WiseImprove the message that is printed when Linux taskstat...
2018-04-29 Paul WiseSwitch from python to python3
2017-06-17 James CowgillAdd ioprio_* syscall numbers for mips
2017-05-04 Paul WiseSupport Python versions and platforms with no time...
2017-05-04 Paul WiseUse monotonic time to calculate durations
2017-02-26 Paul WiseFix typo: alignement
2016-08-04 Paul WiseAdd a footer listing keyboard shortcuts
2016-08-04 Paul WiseCheck the column title is not empty before using it
2016-08-04 Paul WiseHide UI elements on smaller terminals
2016-08-04 Paul WisePrint the titles at specific locations
2016-08-04 Paul WiseCorrect the location of the status message
2016-08-04 Paul WiseCorrect the alignment of the header
2016-07-28 Paul WiseStrip obsolete comment from the manual page
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