descriptionApache HTTP proxy using crcsync
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2011-11-23 Alex WulmsChange from dos to unix conventionmaster
2011-11-23 Alex WulmsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-11-23 Alex WulmsSwitch from GPL CRC code to public domain CRC code
2011-10-29 Toby Collettignore generated test file
2011-10-29 Toby Collettsmall compilation fixes, unsused variables removed
2010-08-05 Alex WulmsAdd mime-types for similar-page regexs to upstream...
2010-08-05 Alex WulmsImplement 'find similar page'. Fix some small bug
2010-02-07 Alex WulmsSwitch to SHA1 function in APR libraries
2010-02-07 Alex WulmsDebug
2010-01-21 Alex WulmsImprove debug logging
2010-01-21 Alex WulmsAdd Crcsync-similar header and fix bug in moving window...
2010-01-21 Alex WulmsFix bug when tailblocksize==(0 or normalblocksize)
2010-01-05 Alex WulmsAdd Capability header to server. Use ; as field-separat...
2010-01-03 Alex WulmsAppend crcsync-<original-encoding> to etag and some...
2010-01-02 Alex WulmsMore performance optimizations in crcsync
2010-01-01 Alex WulmsProperly support 'merged' tail block
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