descriptionDiffractometer computation library
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This library comes with: * hkl to angles calculus for 5 kinds of diffractometers. + twoC + Eulerian4C vertical + Eulerian6C + Kappa4C vertical + Kappa6C * pilot a kappa diffractometer as an eulerian one. * Compute orientation matrix from diffraction reflections. (Busing and Levy) * refinement of crystal parameters with more than (2 reflections). * create pseudoAxes (ex. eulerians to pilot kappa geometry diffractometers). + eulerians (for kappa geometry) + psi (rotation around the diffraction vector). + ...
2016-04-27 Picca Frédéric... Merge branch 'next' into maintmasterv5.0.0.2080
2016-04-27 Picca Frédéric... [todo] fix the q/q2 engines.
2016-04-27 Picca Frédéric... [hkl] remove gobject-introspection warnings
2016-04-27 Picca Frédéric... [buildsys] reactivate the patch level version number
2016-04-26 Picca Frédéric... [ccan] update the ccan part
2016-04-26 Picca Frédéric... update the pom.xml file with the ICA version
2016-04-26 Picca Frédéric... [hkl] add the soleil sirius turret basepitch axis.
2016-04-25 Picca Frédéric... [doc] updated for the sample/detector rotation.
2016-04-20 Picca Frédéric... [binding] add hkl_quaternion_to_matrix in order to...
2016-04-20 Picca Frédéric... [hkl] add hkl_geometry_[sample/detector]_rotation_get
2016-04-12 System UserMerge branch 'maint' into next
2016-04-12 System User[contrib] sixs test
2016-04-07 System User[hkl] add milliradians as unit for the sirius geometries
2016-04-07 System User[buildsys] fix the tests
2016-04-06 Picca Frédéric... [contrib] remove useless code
2016-03-31 Picca Frédéric... [contrib] add the H5Dataspace type
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