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GSTFS is a filesystem for on-demand transcoding of music files between different formats. It utilizes the gstreamer library for conversion so any formats supported by gstreamer should also be supported by gstfs. The filesystem's only requirement is that the gstreamer pipeline begin with a filesrc with the name "source" and end with an fdsink with the name "dest". The filesystem will automatically substitute the filename and fd number in these pipelines.
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyAdded COPYING and modified READMEmaster
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyFixed bug when reading non transcoded files
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyRefactoring
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyFixed race condition and cache cleaning problem
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyMoved transcode to gstfs_open
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyFixed problem with reading offset bigger than file...
2009-03-01 Stanislav OchotnickyAdded support for 'cp -R *'
2008-10-20 Bob CopelandInclude shell scripts in dist target
2008-08-31 Bob CopelandPrepend current working directory to paths so gstfs...
2008-08-31 Bob CopelandFix whitespace in README
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandStart with version 0.1
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandAdd a README file
2008-08-30 Bob CopelandMake pipeline configurable by mount option
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandAdd mount option parsing
2008-08-29 Bob CopelandAdd some comments
2008-08-29 Bob Copelandstatvfs was not properly redirecting to the source...
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