descriptionDemo of Scaletempo for GStreamer
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2008-06-05 Rov JuvanoRelease 1releases
2008-06-04 Rov JuvanoAdd about dialog
2008-06-04 Rov JuvanoDisplay player errors in status bar
2008-06-04 Rov JuvanoAdd controls to disable scaletempo
2008-06-04 Rov JuvanoAdd advanced controls
2008-06-04 Rov Juvanoimplement seek to, change rate, gui seek bar
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanoimplement gui layout, play, pause, seek by
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanofill in methods and signals
2008-06-03 Rov JuvanoGObject boilerplate
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanoimplement gui/tui
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanosimplify pipeline
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanoadd gui
2008-06-03 Rov Juvanocleanup template
2008-05-30 Rov Juvanoimplement filtered pipeline
2008-05-30 Rov Juvanoadd command line arguments
2008-05-30 Rov Juvanoinitial import
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