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GROMACS is a versatile package to perform molecular dynamics, i.e. simulate the Newtonian equations of motion for systems with hundreds to millions of particles. It is primarily designed for biochemical molecules like proteins and lipids that have a lot of complicated bonded interactions, but since GROMACS is extremely fast at calculating the nonbonded interactions (that usually dominate simulations) many groups are also using it for research on non-biological systems, e.g. polymers.
4 days ago David van der... Added new testing code for normal mode analysis.master
5 days ago David van der... Small update to mdrun tests.
5 days ago Christian Blaumdspan - extents of multidimensional arrays.
5 days ago David van der... Removed gmx morph
5 days ago David van der... Removed gmx dyndom
5 days ago David van der... Removed gmx anadock
2018-11-22 Mark AbrahamMerge "Merge branch 'release-2019'"
2018-11-22 Christian Blaumdspan - basic infrastructure
2018-11-21 David van der... Merge branch 'release-2019'
2018-11-21 Paul BauerMerge branch release-2018 into release-2019
2018-11-20 M. Eric IrrgangBump gmxapi version number for 2020 development cycle.
2018-11-20 Mark AbrahamPartial revert of "Fix inefficient shell minimization"
2018-11-20 Mark AbrahamMerge "Merge release-2019 into master"
2018-11-19 Joe Jordanfix unused variable warning from gmxapi compilation
2018-11-19 Mark AbrahamFix inefficient shell minimization
2018-11-18 David van der... Added citation for new analysis functionality.
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