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GNU Shogi, release 1.5pre

This is an unreleased pre-1.5 snapshot of GNU shogi, a program which plays shogi
(Japanese chess), as well as xshogi, the graphical interface to GNU

GNU shogi and xshogi were originally written by Matthias Mutz
<>, have been maintained by Mike Vanier
<> in the 1.3.x era, by Luis Felipe Strano
Moraes <> until 1.4.0, and are now maintained by
Yann Dirson <>. GNU shogi was in turn based on GNU
Chess 4.0, i.e. the first version of GNU Shogi was obtained by
"simply" modifying the chess-specific parts of GNU Chess 4.0.  We
would like to thank the authors of GNU Chess 4.0 for making the
sources of that program available.

See the file NEWS for the new features of this release.

For the installation procedure read the file "INSTALL".  For more information
on shogi please look at the files in the doc directory or read the info file.

The project is maintained at
where you will find pointers to the bug tracker, mailing lists, git
repository for the source code, etc.

The prefered way to contribute patches is through "git send-email" to
the gnushogi-devel mailing-list.  You may also wish to publish them in
a public repository; the Free-Software-based platform
allows you to do that easily, as a fork of

Yann Dirson <>
2014-11-18 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: unused macromaster
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonRemove obsolete function declarations.
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: "material" flag.
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: "rv" flag.
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: "stars" flag.
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: "shade" flag.
2014-11-16 Yann DirsonLong-dead code removal: "stars" flag.
2014-11-11 Yann DirsonRecord more known bugs
2014-08-01 Yann DirsonMerge branch 'maint'
2014-08-01 Yann DirsonMerge branch 'yd/bool'
2014-07-31 Yann DirsonXboard: declare "Use hash-file" option to allow disabli...
2014-07-30 Yann DirsonManual: fix hand in the tsume problem.
2014-07-30 Yann DirsonBool transition: util.c and friends
2014-07-30 Yann DirsonBool transition: visited, check_visited, VisitReachable
2014-07-30 Yann DirsonBool transition: init.c and friends
2014-07-30 Yann DirsonBool transition: IsCheckmate
5 years ago v1.4.2 v1.4.2
5 years ago v1.4.1 v1.4.1
5 years ago v1.4.1rc1 v1.4.1rc1 - more cleanups, and...
5 years ago v1.4.1-rc0 v1.4.1rc0 - code essentially frozen...
5 years ago v1.2pl3 v1.2pl3
5 years ago v1.3 v1.3
5 years ago v1.3.2 v1.3.2
5 years ago v1.4.0 v1.4.0
13 months ago 1.2-revival
13 months ago jv/getopt
4 years ago wip/history/1.3
4 years ago master
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4 years ago wip/doc
4 years ago wip/time-control
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4 years ago yd/doc/references
4 years ago pu
4 years ago yd/assert-zero-is-king
4 years ago yd/wip/cleanup-notes
4 years ago hgm/xboard/fix-sudden-death
4 years ago xshogi
4 years ago hgm/refactor/inputcommand
4 years ago hgm/analysis