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GLiv is an OpenGL image viewer. Image loading is done via Gdk-pixbuf bundled with GTK+-2.6, rendering with OpenGL, and the graphical user interface uses GTK+ with GtkGLExt. GLiv is very fast and smooth at rotating, panning, and zooming if you have an OpenGL accelerated graphics board. It supports thumbnails and navigating through them using two images menus.
2011-05-15 Guillaume ChazarainFix some more build warningsmaster
2011-05-15 Guillaume Chazarain- Set LIBS instead of LDFLAGS (LIBS are appended while...
2010-11-07 Guillaume ChazarainNewer gettextgliv-1.9.7
2010-11-07 Guillaume ChazarainNewer autotools
2010-08-31 Guillaume ChazarainCosmetic fixes + thanks Peter for commit 101271515541d8...
2010-08-31 Peter LemenkovFix segfault with NULL returned from get_terminal_outpu...
2010-08-31 Rodolfo Borgesupdated Brazilian translation
2010-08-28 Guillaume ChazarainNewer gettext
2010-08-28 Guillaume ChazarainNewer autotools
2010-08-28 Guillaume ChazarainUpdated German translation.
2010-04-24 Guillaume ChazarainThe EXIF orientation information is now honored.
2010-04-24 Guillaume ChazarainFix is_matrix_symmetry() to correctly choose between...
2010-04-19 Guillaume ChazarainSupport old versions of rpmbuild
2010-04-19 Guillaume ChazarainGenerate the translated man pages
2010-04-18 Guillaume ChazarainUndo over-zealous version bump.
2010-04-18 Guillaume ChazarainAdd a release script.
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