descriptionA tool to convert a git branch to svn ditto
last changeSun, 12 Feb 2012 18:21:28 +0000 (12 10:21 -0800)
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This program will convert a git branch to a svn ditto, it also support incremantal updates.

git2svn takes a git fast-export dump and converts it into a svn dump that is feed into svnadmin load.

git2svn assumes its the only process that writes into the svn repository. This is because of the race between getting the to svn Revsion number from the svn, creating the dump with correct Revsions, and do the svnadmin load.

git2svn also support incremental updates from a git branch to a svn reprositry. Its does this by setting a git tag (git2svn-syncpoint-branchname) where the last update was pulled from.

2012-02-12 Love Hörnquist... more textmaster
2012-02-12 Love Hörnquist... add list of authors
2012-02-12 Neil MayhewDon't use unsanitzed file paths as regexps
2012-02-12 Neil MayhewStrip trailing whitespace from commit messages
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2010-01-28 Ortwin EscherRemoved redundant line.
2010-01-28 Ortwin EscherFixed the new deletion method. Deleting /a/path will...
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2009-06-19 Andreas OberritterInclude name of SVN tree in filename of temporary data...
2009-02-07 Love Hörnquist... incrementalsgit2svn-0.4
2009-02-07 Love Hörnquist... Switch to a BSD 2 clause license
2009-02-07 Love Hörnquist... Switch to a BSD 2 clause license
2009-02-07 Love Hörnquist... drop synctaggit2svn-0.3
2009-02-07 Love Hörnquist... Make easier to add more props, don't be rude to svn...
2008-04-16 Love Hörnquist... Make reporting status look the same as all the other...
10 years ago git2svn-0.4 relicense and more regression testing
10 years ago git2svn-0.3 git-svn 0.3
10 years ago git2svn-0.2 git2svn 0.2 - minor fixes release
10 years ago git2svn-0.1 git2svn version 0.1 - initial release
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