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2018-10-02 Jani NikulaInclude the same stats in the developer raw csv as... master
2017-10-16 Jonathan Corbettreeplot: show signed trees in black
2017-10-15 Jonathan Corbettreeplot: a hack to count signed/unsigned pulls/commits
2017-10-14 Jonathan CorbetSimplify the HTML a bit
2017-10-14 Jonathan CorbetVarious improvements to treeplot
2016-06-27 Jonathan CorbetAdd a tool for counting -stable regressions
2016-06-27 Jonathan CorbetStash the tag lines in the returned patch
2016-03-03 Stewart SmithAcked-by, Reviewed-by and Reported-by pattern should...
2016-02-10 Cédric BosdonnatExport hackers individual raw data as CSV
2016-01-06 Jonathan CorbetHandle repo name normalization a little better.
2016-01-05 Jonathan CorbetMerge branch 'master' of
2016-01-05 Jonathan CorbetMake the tejun fix work the way I intended.
2016-01-05 Jonathan CorbetAdd an introductory comment.
2016-01-05 Jonathan CorbetVarious fixes and debug code removal.
2016-01-04 Jonathan CorbetReplace treeplot with a better version
2015-08-16 Jonathan CorbetHacky stuff for 4.0
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6 weeks ago master
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