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The purpose of Git Cheetah is to provide something like TortoiseCVS, only better. It's aim is to be small, with a platform-independent core.

Currently supported platforms:

2015-08-24 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'msys2'master
2015-08-24 Johannes SchindelinSquelch warnings when compiling with Git for Windows...
2015-08-24 Johannes SchindelinAlways compile with gcc
2015-08-24 Johannes SchindelinAvoid redefinitions with modern MinGW headers
2015-08-24 Johannes SchindelinDo not mark exported functions as 'inline'
2014-07-15 dschoMerge pull request #17 from chaos7theory/unescaped...
2014-07-12 Christopher... Escaped extra tokens that broke the Git Bash context...
2014-06-20 Curtis RuedenREADME.txt: add a link to the wiki page
2014-04-15 dschoMerge pull request #16 from johnstevenson/winexec2
2014-03-29 johnstevensonStyle-cleanup
2014-03-29 johnstevensonFrees the orig variable in the path_split function
2014-03-28 johnstevensonProvide a Windows-specific implementation of exec_progr...
2014-03-26 dschoMerge pull request #15 from msysgit/far-manager
2014-03-24 Johannes SchindelinDetach Git Bash
2014-03-14 dschoMerge pull request #14 from kblees/kb/redirect-output...
2014-03-05 Karsten Bleesexec.c: redirect unwanted command output to /dev/null
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