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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2022-06-25 Kyle J. do not attempt to check unset error codesmaster
2022-06-22 Kyle J. McKaygit-shell-verify: only check read-only mode for receive...
2022-06-21 Kyle J. McKaygitweb/indextext_readonly.html: include sample readonly...
2022-06-21 Kyle J. McKayvarious: add read-only mode support
2022-06-21 Kyle J. expand @cfg_name@ in processed scripts
2022-06-21 Kyle J. include* in chroot
2022-05-28 Kyle J. ensure* when running git
2021-08-27 Kyle J. McKaysrc/tests: add some more hashing tests
2021-08-26 Kyle J. add new listalltags subcommand
2021-08-25 Kyle J. McKayGirocco/ add some additional tag validation
2021-08-25 Kyle J. make help work properly for worktrees...
2021-08-22 Kyle J. McKayreadlink.c: support the -n option
2021-08-18 Kyle J. support urls --bundle
2021-08-18 Kyle J. tighten up is_empty check
2021-08-18 Kyle J. detect .delaygc non-empty projects
2021-08-18 Kyle J. various minor improvements
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