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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2020-01-07 Kyle J. McKayProject/Util/gitweb: avoid bizarre Time::Local year... master
2020-01-07 Kyle J. McKaygitweb.css: constrain vertical height of readme
2019-12-18 Kyle J. McKaygc.txt: correct typo
2019-12-15 Kyle J. McKaymarkdown: update and employ new features
2019-12-14 Kyle J. clean up nc.openbsd advice check
2019-12-14 Kyle J. McKaytoolbox/ correct typographical error
2019-12-12 Kyle J. McKayhtaccess: recognize more crawlers
2019-12-11 Kyle J. update XDL_FAST_HASH warning URL again
2019-11-22 Kyle J. McKaygc: use smarter alternates logic
2019-11-22 Kyle J. McKayGirocco/ make has_alternates function smarter
2019-11-22 Kyle J. make has_forks_with_alternates smarter
2019-11-22 Kyle J. avoid using basename on $0
2019-11-22 Kyle J. McKayGirocco/ add $max_readme_size knob
2019-11-22 Kyle J. McKayGirocco/ minor section comment cleanup
2019-11-22 Kyle J. pass -e to format-readme
2019-11-22 Kyle J. McKayformat-readme: update to latest
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