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descriptionBernd Jendrissek's gEDA fork
last changeSat, 23 Jun 2018 23:11:31 +0000 (24 01:11 +0200)
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My randomish gEDA hacks, long since too diverged from upstream to merge it all back again. Examples:

There are some blog posts relating to this fork on my blog - I recommend that you search for "geda" as it's been a while since I posted anything.

For more info it's better just to send me an email.

I'm quite far behind mainstream gEDA by now, so if you want antialiased lines, pretty fonts, and Peter Brett's scheme API, you better use that instead of this fork. If you like this fork and if you want things to maybe happen a little faster, consider sending bitcoin tips to 12KBXC4nWrxfrrnwcKW2tTCnkRTGQzn1pN.

2018-06-23 Bernd JendrissekRecreate text prim_objs only when drawing them.berndj/master-20081019
2018-06-23 Bernd JendrissekMove visibility attributes to text object class.
2018-06-23 Bernd JendrissekPrefer o_text_change over random poking.
2018-06-20 Bernd JendrissekDon't test for text prim_objs.
2018-05-24 Bernd JendrissekAdd type assertions near where objects are assumed...
2018-05-24 Bernd JendrissekFree temporary value earlier, to simplify exits.
2018-05-24 Bernd JendrissekLet object methods handle visibility.
2018-05-22 Bernd JendrissekPrefer specific function to perform small task.
2018-05-18 Bernd JendrissekUse new text accessors.
2018-05-16 Bernd JendrissekDefine text accessors.
2018-05-02 Bernd JendrissekAllow visitors to prevent recursion.
2018-04-28 Bernd JendrissekFix operator typo.
2018-04-15 Bernd JendrissekUse a text object as context for calculating size.
2018-03-29 Bernd JendrissekWork around a bug of unknown ultimate origin.
2018-03-04 Bernd JendrissekMap font characters to filename correctly.
2018-02-21 Bernd JendrissekBenchmark current behaviour of (calculate-new-attrib...
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8 years ago berndj/delete-unused
10 years ago berndj/abstract-symbols
10 years ago berndj/opaque-objects-20080712
10 years ago berndj/libgeda-grips
10 years ago berndj/opaque-general-cleanups
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