descriptionAn alarm clock that doesn't give useless informations such as the time.
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This arduino based alarm clock uses coloured lights to give an hint to the remaining time before the alarm, while not overloading the sleeping mind with extraneous informations such as the actual hour.

The repository includes kicad schematics for the shield, the arduino sketch and a python + urwid client to set the clock

2017-04-22 Elena ``of... client: pep8 cleanupmaster
2017-04-22 Elena ``of... Update status line
2017-04-22 Elena ``of... client: save and load alarms from hardcoded file
2017-04-22 Elena ``of... client: python3 conversion + small cleanup
2012-04-16 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: new serial command, D (dumps rtc data)
2012-04-15 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: reset led after testing them
2012-04-04 Elena ``of... README.txt: fixed phrasing and link anchor to arscons.
2012-04-04 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: fix ringing and other times.
2012-04-04 Elena ``of... New bug: 50a/742:ow: The python client should ask for...
2012-04-04 Elena ``of... Added BugsEverywhere repository
2012-04-04 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: yellow+blue light if there is no alarm...
2012-01-26 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: fixed reading of hex digit 'f'
2012-01-26 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: fixes to the debug functions
2012-01-26 Elena ``of... arduino sketch: fix loading of status after lack of...
2012-01-24 Elena ``of... Client: fix management of day-of-week
2012-01-24 Elena ``of... Arduino sketch: tune settings
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