descriptionFluffy ball - computer interface reacting to stroking and punching; signal analysis code
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2011-09-29 Petr BaudisDogsmaster
2011-09-28 Petr BaudisGaming version of fb, with slightly different calibrati...
2011-09-22 Petr Much simplified Perl FFT sample app
2011-08-25 Petr BaudisSupport for disabling X rendering
2011-08-22 Petr BaudisAdd short description, copyright, MIT-licenced, example
2011-08-22 Petr BaudisSupport for assessing the signal features and determini...
2011-08-22 Petr Baudis-d USEC -> -s USEC
2011-08-22 Petr BaudisSupport for delay, recti label options
2011-08-22 Petr BaudisSupport for replaying saved raw samples
2011-08-20 Petr BaudisUse arecord instead of Audio::DSP
2011-08-20 Petr BaudisOffload dsp data get to getdata()
2011-08-20 Petr BaudisSupport for fmt == 16
2011-08-19 Petr BaudisRecording support
2011-08-18 Petr BaudisPrecompute rectangles before rendering
2011-08-18 Petr BaudisChange defaults for faster updates + amplification...
2011-08-17 Petr BaudisDisable draw_lines again
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