descriptionfilehash package for R
last changeFri, 19 Dec 2008 18:23:22 +0000 (19 13:23 -0500)
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This is the master branch for the filehash R package.
2008-12-19 Roger D. Peng... Update datemasterv2.0-1
2008-12-19 Roger D. Peng... Update regression test output
2008-12-19 Roger D. Peng... Go with 2.0-1, not 2.1
2008-12-12 Roger D. PengUpdate date/version
2008-12-12 Roger D. Peng... Update test output
2008-12-12 Roger D. Peng... Add two more queue tests
2008-12-12 Roger D. PengFix (?) 'push' method for queues
2008-08-30 Roger D. Peng... Add regression test for 'push' on a queue
2008-08-26 Roger D. Peng... Hide return values for 'dbInsert' and 'dbDelete'
2008-08-26 Roger D. Peng... Add some test databases for each versionv2.0
2008-08-21 Roger D. Peng... Protect "R" in bibliography
2008-08-21 Roger D. Peng... Remove outdated comment from 'filehashDB1' class definition
2008-08-21 Roger D. Peng... Use 'cat' instead of 'message' in 'dbReorganize'
2008-08-21 Roger D. Peng... If 'hasWorkingFtell' fails, return FALSe
2008-08-19 Roger D. Peng... 'dbFetch' only needs to call 'readSingleKey'
2008-08-19 Roger D. Peng... Add a 'tryCatch' when modifying 'map0' in 'checkMap'v2.0-rc2
10 years ago v2.0-1
10 years ago v2.0
10 years ago v2.0-rc2
10 years ago v2.0-rc1 Passed R CMD check
11 years ago v1.1
11 years ago v1.0-1
12 years ago merge_v1.0
12 years ago v1.0
12 years ago fix_release_date_2007-04-27
12 years ago pre_1.0
12 years ago v0.9-4
12 years ago pre_0.9-4
12 years ago before_readKeyMap_C_version
10 years ago master