descriptionA small framebuffer pdf viewer
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fbpdf is a small framebuffer pdf viewer using mupdf or poppler
4 days ago Ali Gholami... mupdf: support for mupdf-1.14master
2016-12-02 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: switch to ISC
2016-12-02 Ali Gholami... mupdf: support mupdf-1.10
2016-04-08 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: include termios.h instead of pty.h
2015-12-02 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: prefer CTRLKEY() to glibc's CTRL() macro
2015-05-04 Ali Gholami... mupdf: support mupdf-1.7
2015-02-20 Ali Gholami... LICENSE: include the modified bsd
2014-12-19 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: update the vertical position only if loadpage...
2014-12-19 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: do not free page buffer in reload()
2014-12-18 Ali Gholami... README: reword the introduction
2014-12-18 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: fix jumping to previous position mark
2014-12-18 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: allocate page buffer when rendering
2014-07-10 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: zero-page documents are broken
2014-05-15 Ali Gholami... poppler: crop the rendered page if it is too large
2014-05-14 Ali Gholami... fbpdf: show a message and exit if redrawing fails
2014-05-14 Ali Gholami... mupdf: return NULL if doc_open() fails
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